Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You can get this lapdance, here for free...

I love En Vogue and this song is just so money. Every time I hear it I feel like I should just rub about against someone, preferably someone who is going to rub me back.

Givin' Him Something He Can Feel by En Vogue YouTube Video

Couple: Bella and Edward

Scenario: It's Friday night, date night. Bella's been taking pole dancing classes and she's finally gotten up the courage to show Edward all the naughty things she's learned. Sure she fell, twice, but that doesn't make her man want her any less. It's pretty obvious from the bulge in his pants.

Recommendation: A little stripping, a lap dance or even a pole routine never hurt anyone. get up your coordination and your courage and shake your stuff... slowly.

Let me just say how devastated I was when En Vogue broke up. Maybe they can get back together and Whitney can get off the pipe and I can be happy again. A girl can dream...


  1. I love En Vogue. So very 90s and awesome. There's no band like them these days. "Don't Let Go" is my favorite 'let's loudly sing 90s songs in the car' song.

  2. I wanted to cry when they broke up. I mean 4 women in ONE group who could sing their ass off. it just doesnt happen anymore. thanks for the lovin hun. :)