Thursday, February 26, 2009

So there's this guy in my office I wanna bone..

Touch My Body by Mariah Carey YouTube Video

Couple: Jasper and Alice

Scenario: It’s Tuesday Night. The office is pretty empty. Alice has the IT guy Jasper cornered in the break room, again. Sure they’re violating about eight different bullet points in the employee handbook, but ever since Alice discovered this shy techno-geek was also very skillful with his tongue she just can’t seem to leave him alone. He doesn’t mind being used cause little does she know Jasper has all their little rendezvous on tape.

Recommendation: Proceed with caution when boning people you work with. I mean do it anyway, just proceed with caution.

Happy Sexin'!!!


  1. Can you change this to, "So there's a guy in my school that I want to bone. His name is Kyle and he's the substitue phys ed teacher and he's hot as fuck?" Too long on a title?

  2. i wanted to call it "so theres this guy operating A camera with huge dong and i want to touch it..." but people might not have gotten it.

  3. Holy hell, I love this particular entry (<-*snort!)! Boning in the staffroom (or the supply closet, or under the desk)...mmmmm!