Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If I Could Go Back...

I would totally lose my virginity to this little ditty. George is little bro to guitaring crooner Justin Nozuka who I absolutely love. I have only heard a few of George's songs, but this one was enough to make me a fan. It's on repeat in my car for now. ENJOY!!!

Talk to Me by George Nozuka YouTube Video

Couple: Edward and Jasper

Scenario: Edward's been fighting his feelings for his roommate for a long time now, but after one look, a subtle touch and several perfect kisses he knows that sleeping with Jasper is the right thing to do. He's nervous, but he's ready and he knows that Jasper will lead him every step of the way.

Go back in time and lose your virginity to the RIGHT person while listening to this song.

Sloppy kisses and licks to Aiden for recommending this song to me. Love you BBA!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mmmmmm Daddy...

U Already Know by 112

Couple: Jacob and Rosalie

Doesn't really matter what day it is. Jake wants his little girl ready for him and he wants her ready now. Rose knows better. Fucking around with Jake behind closed doors is such a bad idea. But that's just the way she likes it.

Recommendation: I think having sex to 112 goes hand in hand with having sex to Barry or certain R. Kelly songs. You just have to do it.

Note: I have no idea what took me so long to do this couple, but here they are and this song suits them so nicely.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My WHAT is on fire?!!?

So Nickelback kinda ruined a lot of recent rock for me ( sorry i hate that guy's voice) so I was a little hesitant to give Kings of Leon a try. Well fuck me if I don't love them and this song and I know a lot of my fellow twi- ladies love it too.

Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon YouTube Video

Couple: Jasper and Alice

Scenario: It's Wednesday afternoon. Jasper has been out of town on business for two weeks and finally he's coming home to see his woman. Alice has planned a romantic dinner for them at home, but what she didn't plan on was Jasper coming home a few hours early. He's not worried about dinner. All he's hungry for his every piece of her.

Recommendation: Grab someone you are absolutely lusting after and ravage them... a few times. (Make sure the feelings are mutual before you do though.)

Thanks a million and tons of licks and kisses to Kas for turning me on to this song.

Oh and this video is one of the sexiest rock videos i have ever seen. do check it out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's What's For Dinner...

I know this picture of JT is old, but its one of my favorites. I LOVE JUSTIN and have loved him since I was 14 years old. My Nsync obsession was severe. I was so jazzed when he broke out on his own and had not one, but two great solo albums. I can't wait until he stops sucking face with Jessica Biel and gets back in the studio. I'll stop rambling and say that this song is one of the MANY sexified singles on this album. If you don't have this album run out and get it. NOW!

Futuresex Lovesound by Justin Timberlake YouTube Video

Couple: Edward and Bella

Scenario: It's Sunday Afternoon and Edward is stuck on the couch with a broken leg. Bella has been ever the doting girlfriend waiting on him hand and foot, but he needs more. Worse yet, he feels terrible because he can tell she's aching too. Bella's protested against all his naughty advances, but in a moment of weakness he can't resist pulling her on top of him and going to town... with his tongue.

Recommendation: Sit on your lover's face. That's pretty much it.

No official video for this song... I know it's tragic cause JT is just so damn fine, but this fan-made clip isn't half bad.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pass me the Remy...

This song just makes me giggle. Remy Shand is a great artist. Its a shame that his career sort of fizzled. Oh well... Enjoy the song and the corny video!

Take A Message by Remy Shand YouTube Video

Couple: Emmett and Rosalie

Scenario: These two always seem to be fighting and making up, then fighting some more and making up. Emmett's tried apologizing for his most recent fuck up, but this time Rose is just plain over it. But maybe if she wont listen to what he has to say, she'll pay closer attention to what his body is telling her when he takes her right on the living room floor.

Recommendation: No real recommendation this week. This song is just so ridiculous, but awesome all at the same time. I could totally see Emmett thinking that this is the perfect song to get his lady in the mood. The instrumental is good to hump to, but I can't honestly focus with Remy's voice in the background. Add it to the silly strip tease list.

Next week's song will be back to the typical sexy. Hehe.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take what you want... then make him beg for more.

I have been a Spice Girls freak since I was 13 or so and I still love listening to their music all the time. Oddly enough so does my dad. This song just hasn't gone out of style and I don't think it ever will.

Holler by The Spice Girls YouTube Video

Couple: Jake and Nessie

Scenario: It's Tuesday afternoon and Nessie is studying with her best friend, who she just happens to be lusting after. Jake wants her too, but loves teasing Nessie, poking fun at the idea that he may just be a little too much for her to handle. A final wise crack forces her hand and she mauls him. Jake is pleasantly surprised.

Recommendation: If anyone is underestimating you in the bedroom, put this song on and shock the shit out of them.

Read more about MY favorite couple in swill122's one-shot Alpha's female. It's HOT!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I kissed a girl... and then some

Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul YouTube Video

Couple: Rosalie and Bella

Scenario: It's Saturday Morning and their boys think they are out on their weekly shoe shopping excursion. What they don't know is that ever since one accidental drunken kiss, their ladies can't keep their hands off each other. They aren't at the outlets, they aren't at the promenade. They're at the Hilton, ripping each other's clothes off. They've tried to stop, but they can't. The tribbing is just too good.

Recommendation: As with threesomes, I can't really encourage the affair. Most end is some messy fashion, but by all means, partake and enjoy it while it lasts.

Read a little more about these two in my one shot... Me and Mrs. McCarty, named for this particular sexy jam. Just thought I'd throw in a picture of the girls for good measure.