Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My WHAT is on fire?!!?

So Nickelback kinda ruined a lot of recent rock for me ( sorry i hate that guy's voice) so I was a little hesitant to give Kings of Leon a try. Well fuck me if I don't love them and this song and I know a lot of my fellow twi- ladies love it too.

Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon YouTube Video

Couple: Jasper and Alice

Scenario: It's Wednesday afternoon. Jasper has been out of town on business for two weeks and finally he's coming home to see his woman. Alice has planned a romantic dinner for them at home, but what she didn't plan on was Jasper coming home a few hours early. He's not worried about dinner. All he's hungry for his every piece of her.

Recommendation: Grab someone you are absolutely lusting after and ravage them... a few times. (Make sure the feelings are mutual before you do though.)

Thanks a million and tons of licks and kisses to Kas for turning me on to this song.

Oh and this video is one of the sexiest rock videos i have ever seen. do check it out.

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  1. i soooo lurrvvvee this band! great song when wanting to fuck and ravish someone! the vid is hawt too...would be better if women were holding him down instead of his band/family members! lol also, he reminds me of "westley" on the princess bride! kraziness! and btw...i love alllll the songs u've picked! may i recommend HALESTORM! "I get off on you...getting off on me!" now this is a song to fuck to! WOWZERS!! fan me down! now i just need a kickass video to go with it! and it better as hell be fucken hot! ;P