Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If I Could Go Back...

I would totally lose my virginity to this little ditty. George is little bro to guitaring crooner Justin Nozuka who I absolutely love. I have only heard a few of George's songs, but this one was enough to make me a fan. It's on repeat in my car for now. ENJOY!!!

Talk to Me by George Nozuka YouTube Video

Couple: Edward and Jasper

Scenario: Edward's been fighting his feelings for his roommate for a long time now, but after one look, a subtle touch and several perfect kisses he knows that sleeping with Jasper is the right thing to do. He's nervous, but he's ready and he knows that Jasper will lead him every step of the way.

Go back in time and lose your virginity to the RIGHT person while listening to this song.

Sloppy kisses and licks to Aiden for recommending this song to me. Love you BBA!

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