Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Rockin' After All This Time...

In memory of the sweet angel Aaliyah, may she rest in peace, here is last week's selection. Sadly Aaliyah and members of her entourage died in a tragic plane crash returning from filming this final video. Aaliyah's career was in the middle of a very powerful upswing and its sad that she is no longer with us to share her music.

I had danced, made-out and boned to this song MANY times and you should too. ENJOY!!!

Rock the Boat by Aaliyah YouTube Video

Couple: Emmett and Rosalie

Scenario: It's Wednesday night, their wedding night. The young couple is enjoying the first evening of their honeymoon in a tropical paradise. The setting couldn't be more perfect and Rosalie knows there is no better man for her; for her heart and most definitely her body. Emmett made her his wife and like usual, he's making her come... over and over again.

Recommendation: This song is a "must-add" to every sexy time playlist. Find the right the person and gets to slow grinding.

DID I MENTION EN VOGUE IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER!?!?!! Original line up and everything.

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