Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You know the answer...

I am not all that familiar with Floetry's whole catalog, but I love the hell out of this song. These two babes really know how to let it all out and then ask for more. ENJOY!!!!

Say Yes by Floetry YouTube Video

Couple: Edward and Bella

Scenario: It's Monday morning and Bella is not in her own bed. After a rare, but amazing Sunday Night, one night stand she needs to plan her escape. But when she's faced with the sleeping, red-headed, sex god with his arm linked around her waist she realizes that maybe instead of making a break for it, she should wake Edward up and take him for another slow, slow ride.

Recommendation: This song is great for seducing someone who you may or may not be in love with, but you totally want to bone. I think it is also a really great song to perform tortuously slow oral sex to.

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